Motionmakers is a respected – Brussels based – international production company.

We create corporate movies, commercials and digital content for a diverse range of blue-chip clients, government bodies, agencies and leading brands.

We are creative. We are passionate. We make stuff you want to watch.

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What we’ve done

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Who we are

As specialists we’ve built a solid reputation for grasping what our clients want or sometimes need.
Every customer is unique and every finished video should make a big difference.
Specialists respect us for the perfect price/quality ratio and our broad compatibility in all sectors.

At Motionmakers you have all the benefits of a small dedicated team combined with those of a strong, solid organization (100% part of Videohouse NV / Euro Media Group).


Filip Porrez

Manager / Producer
+32 475 652 692
Everything will be okay in the end.
If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Cindy De Mooter

Producer / Account
+32 494 275 163
If nothing goes right… turn left!

Michael Emonts-gast

Producer / Account
+32 475 284 010
A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.

Nina Landau

+32 479 417 474
If it can’t be fixed with duct tape,
it’s not worth fixing.

Lieke Lens

Production Assistant
+32 476 319 571
What would MacGyver Do?

Ines Peeters

Production Assistant
+32 472 735 786
What would you do
if you weren’t afraid?

How to find us

Luchthavenlaan 22 – 1800 Vilvoorde – Belgium
Tel. +32 2 254 49 67

How we work

Motionmakers goal is to create stunning, engaging audiovisual work where you as a customer are proud of.

Winning trophies at festivals is fun but certainly not our main goal.

Preproduction is THE most vital phase in every project and it is not a coincidence that this is the point where we make the difference with other production companies.

Of course we also set great store at shooting, editing, graphics, music, audio mixing and delivering the movie in the requested formats.

Challenge us, we will not disappoint you!

Destinations we worked in

Asia : China (Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai), Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand.

Africa : Angola (Lobito, Luanda), DR Congo (Kinshasa, Matadi, Boma), Congo Brazzaville (Pointe Noire), Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Bonny Island), South Africa (Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town).

South America : Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro).

Europe : Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy…

And of course we help a lot of foreign production companies with their shootings in Belgium!